Most adults have gone through the process of having parents sell the home that they grew up in. Whether you spent just a few years there, or from an infancy to an adult, it’s an emotional phase. Sleepovers, fights with your siblings, the time you fell down the stairs, prom pictures, repainting your room three times when you couldn’t decide which color was right, it’s hard to put those memories in safe place, knowing that you’ll never be able to revisit the scene again. Whether you’re moving with your parents, or just knowing that Christmas won’t be in the same place next year, here are some tips on how to prepare.

Pack Up

Mom and Dad probably don’t want to hold onto your high school yearbooks or football trophies, so go through your closets and look under your old bed to see if there are any keepsakes that you can’t bear to see thrown away. If you don’t have the space either, consider opening a storage locker.

Look to The Future

When your parents don’t have the same address anymore, try to think about the memories that will be made at the new address. Time goes on, and people grow into whatever space they are in. If there are kids in the family, maybe grandkids, that new house will now contain and keep safe all of their memories and treasures. Take comfort in the fact that there will be a new compartment in your heart for these new memories.

The selling of a childhood home is surely an emotional time, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be painful. The real estate agents at New Dwello are experienced with all sorts of moving and house selling situations, and you can put your trust in them knowing that they will be with you step by step. Call them today for a free consultation and to learn more about their services.