Man’s best friend deserves to have a say in the next relocation choice. Whether you’re the type who is home a lot and able to play with the pup or the go-go-getter who makes enough time before and after working and socializing to make sure Fido gets some love, too, a home in a dog-friendly community will only make things better for a man and his dog. Dogs are known to make people happier; I know I personally look forward to coming home to my two dogs each night. When I can, I like to take Waldo and Granger to the dog park or to a brewery or restaurant on sunny Saturday afternoons, so proximity to dog-friendly parks and restaurants were a must-have as I was choosing my current home. As a real estate company in SLC, New Dwello knows the importance of catering to the many wants and needs from both two- and four-legged customers.

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite dog-friendly places to take the pups in SLC. Hopefully, we’ll see you around them one day!

Dog-Friendly Parks And Places In SLC

Dog Parks

The official dog parks around Salt Lake City are where the pups can be let off their leashes and free to run and play with other dogs in the community. If you’re new to the area, we recommend a few afternoons at the dog park to meet some like-minded two-legged friends to get you acquainted with the city. Don’t forget to take care of your pups’ messes because we want these parks to stay open, clean, and fun for a long time.


Herman Franks Park

Location: 1300 S. 750 E

This fenced park is the perfect place to bring dogs for socializing. The fenced park means dogs don’t have to be on a leash, and owners don’t have to worry about chasing dogs around the city when they see a squirrel or the postman. There are plenty of people and pooches here during the day, especially during the warm months. On the scorching hot days, Fido will love to take a dip in the watering hole. It also means you won’t have to remember your own water bowl to keep the pup hydrated. If your dog loves to play with many other dogs, we recommend Herman Franks.

Lindsey Gardens Dog Park

Location: 9th Ave. & M St.

There is a certain section of Lindsey Gardens that is an un-fenced dog park. While the dogs aren’t required to stay on a leash, it is recommended that well-behaved dogs visit and play at this park since there isn’t the fenced boundary to keep the wild-and-free dogs contained. The official dog park area is in the south/east corner guarded by some trees, but when the ball parks aren’t in use, many people play in those grassy greens too. This is a less popular spot for dogs and owners, so if you’re looking for some open space to play fetch or teach obedience with plenty of distractions, we recommend Lindsey Gardens. There is not a watering hole at this park, so bring Fido some water – and some for yourself while you’re at it!

Memory Grove Off Leash Area at Freedom Trail

Location: 375 N. Canyon Rd.

This off leash area is the best! With beautiful trails to walk and a creek for the pooch to take a dip, there is plenty to do and see here. One reviewer of this park said, “…And that’s why it’s called MEMORY grove its cause that’s where all dogs memories are greatest…” We can’t disagree with that! There’s a specific area in Memory Grove to let the dogs off leash. While we wish it included the lake, it doesn’t. Keep the dogs out of the lake, but show them the creek for a great place to splash around other dogs and cool down. Parking can be tricky around this area, but once you get to the tree-covered trails, you’ll forget about the small bit of trouble it took to get to the park.

Restaurants & A Brewery

We all need food, and occasionally a good brew, and sometimes (most of the time) we don’t want to leave the pups at home while we spend all day out and about. These places are dog-friendly, albeit outside on the patio, so be prepared if the weather is cooler that you’ll have to keep the pup outside.


Em’s Restaurant

Location: 271 N. Center St.

This eclectic eatery serves delicious, American favorites in the hundred-year-old Center Street Market Building. If you’re in the mood for some tasty (organic and local, too!) cuisine, Em’s Restaurant is a good choice for both lunch and dinner. The shaded patio offers great views of Marmalade Hill, and Fido will be welcomed on the spacious patio. Em’s is just around the corner from Memory Grove, so after you both work up an appetite playing, refuel yourselves at Em’s.

Spitz SLC

Location: 35 E. Broadway

Mediterranean street food, craft beer, and sangria are three words used to describe the food and fun that can be had at Spitz. Guests can join the Spitz crew as fun, hungry, and thirsty patrons when they bring the pup to the sidewalk patio to enjoy some Mediterranean wraps, fresh vegetables, housemade sangria, and craft beer. Well-behaved dogs are most welcome at Spitz!

Wasatch Brew Pub

Location: 2110 S. Highland Dr.

If delicious beer and classic pub food are going to hit the spot, then we recommend satisfying your cravings at Wasatch Brew Pub in SLC. The uniquely named beers are just as good as the flavors, and the food will leave your mouth watering and your pup’s nose in the air. The seasonal patio is dog-friendly, but not during the cold months. To add a historical note, Wasatch Brewery was the very first brewery in Utah!


Campfire Lounge

Location: 837 E. 2100 S

Kick back and relax at the Campfire Lounge to enjoy some great food, tasty beverages, good company, and a heated patio. Year round, dogs are welcome on the patio, where both them and their owners can use three different fire pits and the various outdoor heaters to stay warm. As a precaution, all dogs who visit the Campfire Lounge must be leashed, currently licensed, and have a rabies tag. There shouldn’t be any problems at this lounge when friends and furry friends come to hang out, grab some grub, and have a good time.

Overall, Salt Lake City is a great town to choose, no matter how many legs (or paws) you may have. The people are friendly, especially if they also have a dog or two. There are always fun things to do in town, outside in the beautiful natural areas that surround Salt Lake City, and at the many dog-friendly places. If you’re not sure where to stay as you go through the home buying process, can help you find pet friendly hotels in the Salt Lake City area.

To get started searching for the perfect next home, check out this featured property search (backyard filter already engaged – we don’t want Fido to escape!) If you have any questions, would like to see a property for yourself, or learn more about Salt Lake City, connect with our real estate company. If we’re awake, we’ll respond. We’re pawsitive you can count on New Dwello.