Short Sell/Pre-Foreclosure Homes

When thinking about pre-foreclosure, New Dwello wants our clients to understand what these types of homes are and offer our realtor assistance when deciding if these deals are the right decision for you.

What Is A Pre-Foreclosure or Short Sale?

Pre-foreclosures are also referred to as short sale homes. This occurs when the original owners of a home are selling, and the amount they are listing the home for is less than that of what is owed to the lender. The unaccounted value that is left between the owner and the lender is forgiven, and all deficiencies are let go. Pre-foreclosure homes are often less expensive to purchase and do not have additional costs that usually come with closing.

Our Realtor’s Process

After making the decision to sell or to buy, we will hire a legal team to guide you through the entire short sale process. With New Dwello, not only do you get real estate professionals who understand this process inside and out, but you get, at no charge to you, our partner attorneys to negotiate with the bank on your behalf as a seller, maximizing the amount for your closing.

At New Dwello, we pride ourselves on our commitment to you; with us, you gain the access to properties not listed as well as the guidance you need. As a buyer, you will also get a team of agents who understand negotiations inside and out. With this knowledge, we can help you through a very complicated process to ensure that you get the house that you desire. We believe that it is important that you understand the process and will take the time to explain the time restraints that can be associated with buying pre-foreclosed homes. You can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands from start to finish.

If you are considering selling or buying a home at short sale, contact us today, and we will help you begin the process the right way.

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