Our Real Estate Company Team


Lollie Pedersen, Principal Real Estate Broker

Mobile: 801-589-6296 | Office: 801-923-3330

Home is a place of love, of laughter, a place to gather, and a sanctuary.

This is why Lollie first fell in love with homes. For her, life is about seizing every available opportunity to grow and to never lose sight of one’s end goal. She either wins, or she learns, which is the outlook that has seen her go from small-business owner at the age of sixteen to a seasoned realtor, one as capable of working with first-time homebuyers as she is with clients negotiating million-dollar homes. As a designer, she possesses a honed vision of how her clients can best utilize a space to reflect their personalities, their lifestyles, and she’s equipped with redesign options to amplify value wherever possible. She knows that the property market can be treacherous for homebuyers without the right guide to protect them, someone just like her. Her approach is meticulous—examining a property’s geological reports, analyzing whether the neighborhood is in a major up or down cycle, evaluating if the lender is offering what is truly best for her clients, and educating them about what actually constitutes a good investment. And she has the foresight to discuss her clients’ best exit strategy, considering the market’s statistical trends. Deals can be overwhelming, and real estate can be a colossal risk, but problems for Lollie’s clients are taken care of before they ever know that there’s even a problem.


Sterling n Norma

Sterling & Norma Anderson,

Real Estate Professionals

Mobile: 801-502-5000 | Office: 801-923-3330

Sterling began selling Real Estate full time in Portland, Oregon in the mid ’70’s. He is a serious/natural entrepreneur, who loves his wife and partner, Norma. They both enjoy Business in general and especially the depth Real Estate demands. Clients and coworkers enjoy his whit, knowledge and air of confidence. Norma is fluent in Spanish and Sterling’s number one. Their top priority is to delight their customers by delivering superior value and service to the experience of buying and selling properties. Sterling is honored to assist in finding the right home in the right school district, and Norma is always on the look-out for progressive communities within your budget. Family safety, security and financial protection are their key targets with all of their customers. In addition to their personal knowledge of local markets, Sterling and Norma’s commitment is to provide clients with the ultimate real estate experience through extensive multi-social media, marketing skills, an impressive Web-presence (reaching out to over 200 sites), communication technology and attention to relative detail for any and all needs of the clientele.

Something to consider…

Notes of Interest: Sterling was listed in the Who’s Who in Business in the ‘80’s and interviewed on ABC Dateline with Ted Koppel.

Buy or Sell a home through Sterling and receive a free copy of his Best Selling Book:  “Make Your Money in the Buy, NOT in the Sale!”


Maggie Mae Huntsville 033

‘Jammin’ Jan Stannard

Mobile: 801-866-3028 | Office: 801-923-3330

At Newdwello R.E., Jan specializes in real estate in the beautiful and growing communities of Ogden, Huntsville, Eden, Liberty and the surrounding areas in Weber, Davis & Salt Lake Counties.  She feels blessed to be living in this part of Utah and is committed to serving the real estate needs of our diverse community.  Jan started her real estate career as an appraiser which culminated in thirteen years of owning her own real estate company, JW & Associates.  She incorporated real estate sales several years later because of her passion to gain more satisfaction working with families and helping people realize their real estate dreams.  She was born in England and immigrated to the US as a young girl.  Her parents became California State Ballroom Champions in the ’60’s, and her sister followed suit, achieving 3rd in the world in Ballroom & Latin Dancing.  She loved to dance alongside her family, but her primary interests were to have a wonderful life training horses, cattle dogs and rottweilers.  Today, she lives comfortably with her mutt, Jackson Lee Brown, and two parrots, Sophia and Javier.

“In all, I will put my knowledge and 30+ years of real estate experience to help make your home buying and selling experience a good one.”



Chad Smith, Real Estate Professional

Mobile: 801-718-2820 | Office: 801-923-3330

Chad is a higher caliber of realtor, one who will work side-by-side with his clients to repair property damage, renew tarnished walls and floors–anything to increase prices for his sellers and ensure that his buyers land their ideal homes under budget. He is a spiritual journeyer, and through his metaphysical growth, he has come to understand what truly matters in life. He understands that a community is made up of those who can see the greater good and put that before themselves. He’s sensitive to his clients’ needs and wants and works best with decisive homebuyers who know what they want but are receptive to his expert criticism. With a suite of skills and savvy cultivated in the property market, Chad consistently does what it takes to create a pleasant and meaningful homebuying experience.



Kelly Turner, Designer/Home Stager

Office: 801-923-3330

Kelly is a Junior at Weber State University, pursuing a dual major in Interior Design Technology and Professional Sales. She offers years of experience in redesign, remodeling and home staging, and her passion shows through her work. Kelly is a talented artist and enjoys incorporating multiple hues and design concepts into a work or space according to your needs and desires.

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Trisha Sparks, Loan and Grant Specialist


Maggie Mae Huntsville 033

Amy Compell Titmus, Real Estate Professional


Maggie Mae Huntsville 033

Jan Stannarad, Real Estate Professional